Teen model Jewel gets naked outdoors

I wonder if some lucky lad has ever run across Jewel and her photographer during one of her nude photoshoots. A lot of the images that are available at Private School Jewel have this hot teen babe posing in sexy outfits outdoors in public area. It almost gives them a voyeuristic appeal to it. Of course, the pictures just don’t include this sexy blonde looking adorable in her revealing outfit. Jewel always pleases her fans with the hot strip teases she does while out in public.

jewel-naked-outdoors-01 jewel-naked-outdoors-02

In these free pictures it looks like Jewel is in the park or a wooded area as you can see the road in the background. The thought of getting caught doesn’t seem to bother this sexy college student as she lifts up her shirt to give us a great view of those pert titties of hers. Next, she’ll turn her back to the camera, lift up her skirt and expose her curvy ass cheeks to the camera. Definitely a sight I wouldn’t mind running into while I was walking the pooch. If you’d like to see more of this sexy 18-year-old babe, click here to visit Private School Jewel!


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